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    10.13.19 | Bulletin Article | by Bryan Auxier

    Forgiveness.  It’s something we are often willing to accept for ourselves, but it is also more difficult to extend to others.  The Bible spends quite a bit of time emphasizing the importance of forgiving others.  When Jesus...

      Preach Always

      10.06.19 | Bulletin Article | by Bryan Auxier

      One of the greatest evangelists of Jesus Christ written about in the scriptures was the Apostle Paul.  We can learn a great deal from the way he chose to share the message of Jesus to others.  Much of the Book of Acts deals...

        "Stephen...full of faith"

        09.22.19 | Bulletin Article | by Bryan Auxier

        The Word of God is full of examples for us to follow or not follow when it comes to leading a Godly life.  One such example that we should try and emulate is that of Stephen. We are introduced to Stephen in the Book of Acts...

          Three Unbelievable??? Stories

          09.15.19 | Bulletin Article | by Bryan Auxier

          Often times when skeptics challenge the authenticity of The Bible, they attack three accounts more than others.  The accounts of Adam & Eve during creation, the account of Noah & the great flood and the account of Jonah and the...

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