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I Want To Know I Have a Flat

08.27.17 | Bulletin Article | by J.M. Scott

    He would want me to remind you…

    Bridgestone has introduced a new technology; a tire that gives you an extra 50 miles before it goes flat. Their promotional explains it this way:

       Drive-Guard tires are specifically engineered to be able to take a puncture and keep you moving. Their supportive and tough reinforced sidewalls help ensure your mobility for up to 50 miles at speeds up to 50 MPH.

    Here’s the problem with this new technology: You can be driving down the highway and not even know you have a flat! Isn’t this really just false assurance, only serving to delay the inevitable? It helps no one to have a flat and not know it.  I want to know I have a flat!

    Religion can do the same thing. It can be used to give us a false sense of assurance that everything is just fine as we cruise along to our final destination. And like a prick of the conscience, we even ignore the low-pressure light. After all, we go to church every week!  We drop a few bills in the offering plate! We do these and many other things, only to arrive before God and find out that we have been relying on a false sense of wellbeing. 

    For the child of God, regular Bible study and an active prayer life can help us keep an eye on our low-pressure, spiritual gauze. Religion is not the answer. A Spirit filled, active prayer life is!

    A mission in Africa had fallen into despair. One day the tribal chief appeared before the mission and said, “I hereby renounce the Christian faith. I am going back to my heathen gods.” In desperation the mission quit its work and bowed before the Lord in prayer and intercession. As a result, a great, sweeping revival swept through the tribe. Even the tribal chief began preaching the gospel of the Son of God. We can grease all the wheels that turn in the organized life of the church, but the church will finally come to a standstill, unless it is bathed in prayer and the whole foundation is laid upon intercession and appeal to God.

    Richard Newton, a preacher of great power in the nineteenth century, wrote: The principal cause of my leanness and unfruitfulness is owing to an unaccountable backwardness to pray. I can write or read or converse or hear with a ready heart; but prayer is more spiritual and inward than any of these, and the more spiritual any duty is the more my carnal heart is apt to start from it. Prayer and patience and faith are never disappointed. When I can find my heart in frame and liberty for prayer, everything else is comparatively easy.

    Is your prayer life flat? You can build a house without prayer. You can run a business without prayer. You can live in the carnal world and enjoy it without prayer. But you cannot do God’s business without prayer. I want to know if my prayer life is flat. No new technology for prayer is coming. Just do it!

    He would want me to remind you. Think about it. Amen.